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Holly Katz spent her early life surrounded by fashion and those who loved it—her grandfather in his clothing store, and her parents in their women’s retail store. This life experience made a lasting impression on her, shaping an interest in the business and the art of fashion.

Hello, Fabulous




After interning with Betsey Johnson in New York City, Holly decided to move to the Big Apple full-time to work in garment production. For seven years, she wore every hat from costing to production to design, which cultivated her understanding of how garments work—how different fabrics, cuts and materials come together to form a beautifully crafted item.





Join personal stylists Holly Katz on the “Hot Mess Express” talking about all things fashion. The latest and greatest, do’s and don’ts and the daily fashion crimes she has witnessed from the front rows to the streets and beyond. Listen and learn from other’s fashion mistakes, the latest trends and join our posse as Holly is the bestie that everyone needs in their back pocket while shopping, getting dressed and looking fabulous. 

Proving That Anyone Can Be Stylish

From East Coast to West Coast and now in Atlanta, the heart of the South, Holly is on a mission to make personal styling accessible and accepted as the way to express your best self with fashion.

Certified in personal (men and women), corporate and commercial styling, Holly has styled a range of people from suburban moms and young professionals to C-Level executives and celebrities. Holly would love to help you re-evaluate and reimagine who you show to the world—and have fun while doing it.

“ Personal styling is important and unique to each person. It’s my goal to help people uniquely project their image to the world. I strive to help clients achieve their true potential by working with them to build a personal style and wardrobe that suits their body type, lifestyle, age and budget, so they can look and feel their best. ”
Holly Katz

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Holly Sees Over and Over Again

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